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Título: Desafios para o planejamento e gestão de serviços de informação especializados para atuação na divulgação científica: Rede SIEO - Sistema de Informação Especializado na Área de Odontologia
Autor(es): RAMOS, Lúcia Maria S. Verônica Costa
Palavras-chave: Rede de Informação Científica. Planejamento e gestão de Serviços. Popularização da Ciência. Divulgação Científica. Estrutura Organizacional.
Data do documento: 2011
Editor: UNB Universidade de Brasilia
Resumo: Challenges for planning and management of information services for specialized activities in scientific dissemination: SIEO Network - Information System Specialist in Dentistry Area The article discusses the challenges for planning and management of specialized information services in order to investigate the potential of SIEO Network - Information System Specialist in Dentistry Area to work in the dissemination of scientific and other actions aimed at popularization of science. For this, it is considered that the actors involved in this Network, currently consists of 17 university libraries, may, in addition to scientific support, act as a pillar of Public Policy on Oral Health, contributing to Education and Information of popular communities via Scientific Dissemination. It is an exploratory study guided the model of collaborative network of information and case study of the Network itself. We conclude that although the Network is prepared, in terms of organizational and operational structure and quality of their collections, the lack of financial resources and qualified staff for the generation of specific materials for scientific unication and actions to promote the popularization of science inhibits the possibilities of taking immediate advantage of this potential. From the perspective of organizational culture is still somewhat flexible interaction with the most popular segments of society such fact and demand actions to mediate in this service user, whether through language retrieval of information to establish equivalence with ordinary language, or through support in the representation of scientific information into forms more suitable for scientific publication.
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