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Título: Bleeding during and after dental extractions in patients with liver cirrhosis
Autor(es): FOUSP
Medina, Janaina Braga
Andrade, Natalia Silva
Eduardo, Fernanda de Paula
Franco, Juliana Bertoldi Franco
Gallottini, Marina
Braz-Silva, Paulo Henrique
Ortega, Karem López
Palavras-chave: blood coagulation;tooth extraction;haemorrhage;end-stage liver disease;cirrhosis
Data do documento: 24-Jun-2018
Editor: Elsevier
Citação: J. B. Medina, N. S. Andrade, F. de Paula Eduardo, L. Bezinelli, J. B. Franco, M. Gallottini, P. H. Braz-Silva, K. L. Ortega
Resumo: Little is known about the prevention and management of acquired coagulopathies, such as those affecting cirrhotic patients. The objective of this analytic retrospective observational study was to evaluate patients on the liver transplant waiting list according to the following outcomes: (1) presence of unusual intraoperative bleeding (>10 min after routine haemostatic procedures); and (2) presence of postoperative haemorrhagic complications. The outcomes were analysed according to clinical and laboratory variables. A total of 190 visits were performed for extraction of 333 teeth (ranging from 1 to 9 teeth per visit), with platelet count ranging from 16,000 to 216,000 and international normalized ratio (INR) below 3. Twelve cases (6.31%) had unusual intraoperative bleeding and 12 had postoperative haemorrhagic complications. All the events were controlled by local measures. Intraoperative bleeding was associated with low count of platelets (P = 0.026). However, this counting could explain only 16% (adjusted R2 = 0.16) of the cases of bleeding (P = 0.44), meaning that platelet function changes might be involved. Our results show that cirrhotic patients presenting platelet count above 16,000 and INR below 3 need no previous blood transfusion, with local measures being enough to manage haemorrhagic events.
Descrição: Trabalho publicado em revista internacional
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